Women today are choosing to have children later in life than ever before. While everyone’s reasons are different, their goal is the same: to maximize their chance of having a healthy baby when the time is right. The opportunity to cheat the biological clock wasn’t a possibility years ago, but today, women can rest easy knowing that they have never been more empowered to take charge of their future. Is fertility preservation right for you? Read on for five reasons why you should preserve your fertility.

You want kids someday, but not right now.

Do you plan to start a family in the future, but feel that now is not the right time? If so, fertility preservation treatments, such as egg freezing, could protect your ability to have children later on, and help you gain control over your reproductive life. Although egg freezing cannot guarantee a pregnancy, it is a useful technique for saving the good-quality eggs of a younger woman for use later in her life, when she is ready.

You want to allow for educational pursuits.

Pursuing education and advanced degrees requires a tremendous amount of energy, passion, devotion, and time. Raising a family is equally demanding, so mixing the two can be a challenge. Delaying reproduction is a choice many women make in this case, and egg freezing provides a way to preserve the healthy eggs of today for later use.

You want to focus on your business or career.

Whether you dream of climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business, or even joining the military, the development of a career requires time and commitment. Unfortunately, many women find it difficult to advance in a career after starting a family, and many end up choosing between their child and the job they love. Egg freezing is an excellent way to delay conception until the future – after a career is more established.

You’re waiting to find the right partner.

Many women start to feel their biological clock ticking before they are ready to settle down with someone, or they just can’t seem to find the right partner. It’s important that the person you’re having children with is the same person you want to share your life with – a baby does not bring two people closer together that aren’t meant for each other. Preserving your fertility gives you extra time to find the person of your dreams without sabotaging your chances of delivering a healthy baby.

You want to reduce the risk of medical treatments that might impact fertility.

Life is full of twists and turns – you never know when health issues may threaten your fertility. Medical treatments for cancer or other conditions can compromise fertility of women, men, girls and boys. Both the illness and its treatments can impact egg health or sperm health, but do not have to signal the end of your family building years. Freezing your eggs, sperm or embryos prior to treatment is a way preserve fertility before medical treatments begin. For girls and boys who are not yet producing eggs and sperm, ovarian tissue freezing and testicular tissue freezing are experimental options to preserve their future fertility.

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