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Our Promise

The Fertility Preservation in Pittsburgh (FPP) program promises to be one of the most comprehensive fertility preservation centers in the U.S. and a key referral destination for patients seeking to preserve their future fertility.

Improve the quality of life for boys, girls, men, and women.

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How You Can Help

As the program advances, additional resources are needed that will change the future medical landscape of cancer patients or others whose fertility is at risk due to to their disease, medical treatment, age or other circumstances. Resources are needed for:

  • Research: Lab equipment, reagents and staff are needed to perform the cutting edge research that will lead to the next generation of assisted reproductive technologies to help patients with the most intractable cases of infertility.
  • Patient Care: Assist patients and their families with expenses not covered by insurance so that every patient has access to technologies (standard-of-care or experimental) that will enable them to have a biological child.
  • Education: Educate patients, families and physicians about options to preserve fertility and treat infertility through workshops, seminars and printed materials.  Train the next generation of experts in the burgeoning field of fertility preservation.


To discuss supporting the FPP, please contact Colleen Gaughan of Magee-Womens Foundation at 412-641-8978 or



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